Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Claims Follow-up
  • Fee Schedule Analysis​
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Claims Follow-up
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Payment Posting

Billing & Coding

  • Full Service Coding
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coding Analysis/Evaluation
  • Personalized Coding Consultation

Coding/Billing Analysis

  • Billing Diagnostic Review
  • EMR/EHR Billing Audits

Accounts Receivable Recovery 

  • Review All Unpaid Claims
  • Reduce Write-Offs/Increase Collections

Revenue Cycle Management
The two most important parts of getting a claim paid quickly are claims “scrubbing” and claims follow-up. Focus on what you do best and allow us to focus on collecting your money with short turnaround times!

  • Claims Scrubbing:
  • Your job as the provider is to treat patients and document.  Let us save you time by making sure all the appropriate codes, modifiers, patient information and insurance information is complete and accurate so you can see more patients.  Clean claims equal more timely receivables and less follow up.

  • Claims Follow-up:
  • When claims are denied it is essential to correct errors and adjust them as soon as possible to ensure that you are paid promptly by insurance companies.  MedTrust has a vested interest in ensuring all denied claims are reviewed, correct and processed within 12 hours.  In addition, we will call the carriers on your behalf to fight for claims that you deserve!!!  We take follow-up seriously!

Coding Analysis/Evaluation
A review of 60,000 audits of physician billing records conducted by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) client services division in 2012 found that 37% of the records either were undecided or under documented, equating to an average of $64,000 in foregone or at-risk revenue per physician.

The reasons for doctors’ unwillingness to use the appropriate E/M codes generally fall into two categories, experts say:

"Lack of understanding of the coding system and the accompanying importance of providing accurate and precise documentation, and fear of being audited."

Medical Economics, May 25, 2013

We at MedTrust will perform an independent coding analysis based on your specialty, to help you maximize your reimbursements by coding to the highest appropriate level. We have independent coding specialist that can review charts by specialty to determine where there may be any issues. Following a thorough Coding Analysis, we will coach you on how to code at the highest appropriate levels and how to document appropriately.  

Billing Diagnostic Review
We will perform a full review of all billing techniques and determine the most appropriate next step for allowing your practice to become more efficient, or the next step to correcting your billing practices.

Your office may question whether you need to consider outsourcing your billing. Here's why, you want a qualified billing staff that knows your needs! You might want to reduce the chance of unbilled claims due to lost encounters. You might need the ability to speed up claims. You may just want to spend more time with patients. We can provide your practice with all of the necessary services that will help your practice.

EMR/EHR Billing Audits
If you are unhappy with your current EMR/EHR, we can help with the migration and implementation process to a new software. MedTrust is affordable for ALL practices. We assist you with your migration and implementation as you transition from your current system. Our fee is derived from the increased revenues you will receive. 

We also partner with Sevocity.com, an EMR software company that provides all your EMR/EHR needs. Check out their website for details!
Accounts Receivable Recovery 
Insurance A/R is subject to very strict and timely filing deadlines. Every day you lose the ability to capture a certain amount of your A/R. We can capture that quickly so you don't lose any more revenue.This issue is on a crisis level for so many practices and it’s a major reason why practicing medicine has become so challenging these days.

We are NOT a collection agency, but a firm that thoroughly understands claims, coding, and most importantly has a very skilled and talented specialist team that handles this on a daily basis.

MedTrust will go back and collect outstanding A/R that has not been paid or posted. We will collect on all the money allowable, and will also write off or adjust any claims that are not collectable. We will only bill on a percentage of collected receivables.

**We offer full service billing and collections that will follow each individual encounter from beginning to end. We will manage each claim, because we know each claim is specific. We will add the appropriate modifiers, as well as “scrub” the claim to ensure there is payment on first attempt. We also follow the whole process to ensure a quick turnaround, no longer than 30 days. We enter charges every day for each practice, guaranteeing claims get out timely and come back timely. IF by chance there are denials or a claim is filed wrong, we will fight for your practice’s much deserved money!  We will also bill patients and post all money received.